Archive of News

17/5/2021Postdoc Call - Ecology or Evolutionary Biology
30/4/2021PhD students in Plant Ecology wanted
31/3/2021Klára Klinkovská won the diploma thesis competition
30/3/2021Vladimír Řehořek passed away
25/3/2021Věra Opravilová passed away
17/2/2021Felícia Fischer has received H2020-MSCA grant in Desertification Research Center (CIDE)- Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Valencia
10/2/2021Ondřej Michálek was awarded the Marie Curie Fellowship for a stay at the University of Queensland, Australia
20/1/2021Postdoc position in Vegetation Science
17/2/2020Domagoj Gajski was awarded by Brno PhD Talent prize
14/1/2020Postdoc position in Plant and Animal Ecology or Evolutionary Biology
1/1/2020Marcel Bartoš and Kryštof Chytrý succeeded in diploma thesis competition
29/11/2019Ching-Feng Li (Woody) passed away
15/9/2019Postdoc Call - Plant and animal ecology or evolutionary biology
6/9/2019Kryštof Horák and Ondřej Michálek were awarded at the Conference of Czech Society for Ecology
10/6/2019Deans' award for Martina Martišová, Ester Michálkková and Michal Benovics
29/4/2019Fresh Blood for Fresh Water conference awards for Martina Poláková, Alena Dostálová and David Výravský
8/1/2019Postdoc Call - Vegetation Ecology
14/11/2018Ondrej Michalek was awarded a prize for the best student talk at the 45th Conference of the Czech and Slovak Ethological Society
11/9/2018Veronika Kalusová was awarded for the best speech at NEOBIOTA conference
8/8/2018Stridulation can suppress cannibalism
21/5/2018Tomáš Tyml has got the postdoc position in Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
14/5/2018Eva Líznarová and Lenka Petráková were awarded a Živa prize
21/3/2018New online Database of Czech Flora and Vegetation (Pladias) launched
1/2/2018Course on programming for evolutionary biology
7/12/2017POSTDOC POSITION II. in Plant and Animal Ecology or Evolutionary Biology
1/12/2017POSTDOC POSITION I. in Plant and Animal Ecology or Evolutionary Biology
19/11/2017The first comprehensive summary of Czech flora and vegetation in English
2/11/2017Barbora Chattová represents MUNI at Science Slam European Finals
9/5/2017Postdoc Call - Plant and animal ecology or evolutionary biology
27/12/2016Moravian Library in cooperation with Jiří Danihelka has digitalized old issues of Bulletin of the Czech Botanical Society
6/12/2016Plant Scientists Propose New Classification System for European Vegetation
12/9/2016European carbon policies threaten grassland biodiversity
23/8/2016Deep-water parasite diversity in Lake Tanganyika
6/7/2016Šmarda et al.: Polyploidy in a ‘living fossil’ Ginkgo biloba