17th International Workshop "European Vegetation Survey"
Using phytosociological data to address ecological questions
Brno, Czech Republic, 1-5 May 2008

Analysis of Phytosociological Data Using the JUICE Program

Two-Day Course by Lubomír Tichý & Milan Chytrý

29-30 April 2008
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

(preliminary programme)

This course is held in association with the International Workshop European Vegetation Survey. Both days, the course will start at 9:00 in the building of the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, Poříčí 9, Brno. It is expected to continue until late afternoon.

The course will introduce participants to the basic and advanced analyses of phytosociological data using the JUICE 6.5 program. It will be divided into two parts; participants may choose whether they want to take part in both or just one of them.

Part I: Introduction and Basic Analyses (29 April 2008)

  1. Vegetation Databanking in Europe – Basic Overview
  2. JUICE Installation, Management of Species Lists
  3. Data Import (Input from TURBOVEG and other Data Formats, Species Lists)
  4. Quality of Phytosociological Data (Plot Size, Preferential Site Selection)
  5. Manual Editing of Vegetation Tables
  6. Basic Classifications
  7. Concept of Diagnostic Species and the Theory of Phytosociological Fidelity
  8. Synoptic Tables and Automatic Editing of Vegetation Tables
  9. Stratified Data Selection from Phytosociological Databases
  10. Calculating Species Indicator Values
  11. Export Options

Part II: Advanced analyses (30 April 2008)

  1. Measuring Beta Diversity
  2. Modified TWINSPAN Classification
  3. Comparison of Classifications: OPTIMCLASS Method
  4. Formal Reproduction of Traditional Syntaxa: COCKTAIL Method
  5. Matching Relevés to Synoptic Tables
  6. Expert System for Automatic Identification of Vegetation Units
  7. Supervised Classification Methods: Neural Networks, Classification Trees
  8. Ordinations
  9. Fitting Species Response Curves
  10. Linking Phytosociological Data with Species Trait Databases
  11. Defining Species Pools: Beals Smoothing

The workshop is free of charge. Its capacity is limited to 60 (Part I) and 80 (Part II) participants registered through the European Vegetation Survey Registration Form.

Due to a large number of preliminary registrations, the course will consist of software demonstrations rather than interactive teaching in a computer lab. However, we will be happy to discuss particular issues of data analysis with individual participants during the subsequent European Vegetation Survey workshop.

Free download of the JUICE program is available at http://www.sci.muni.cz/botany/juice.

JUICE program manual is available at http://www.sci.muni.cz/botany/juice/jc06_man.htm.

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